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Since having "Prisons of Promise" (my first book) published by Waterside Press, I have written four novels.

The Estuary

RAF officers Susan and Mark and a young ferryman, Robert, steer their different ways through their different lives. Susan tries to focus on her career, while Mark's priority is Susan. The death of Susan's father throws the couple's relationships out of kilter, and Robert ploughs on across the river, questioning his feelings. On January 31st 1953 the disastrous East Coast floods change the shape of the estuary overnight. The ensuing devastation brings new challenges, new opportunities, new decisions.

Fox Books - ISBN 0-9543627-0-5

The Reed Flute

After long, separate journeys, an Iraqi grandfather and his granddaughter arrive in England. Their new circumstances, cause the girl to take drastic action. In Norwich a widower is trying to build himself a new life, and his interest in the natural world and music become routes to unexpected events. "The Reed Flute" vividly depicts a winter journey upstream along the bank of the Yare . The three main characters are as nourished by the slow beauty of Broadland as they are by memory, hope and faith. 

Fox Books - ISBN 0-9543627-1-3

Companion to Owls

"Companion to Owls" is the story of a 17th century Huguenot family who settle in the Fens. The warmth and the harshness of life in their small community is tied to the task of draining flooded lands The arrival of Scottish prisoners of war interrupts the steady routine of the family and Jenne, the daughter, falls in love with Iain Alleyn. Life, once straightforward, becomes complicated by epilepsy, sabotage, estrangement and a young girl’s risky relationship.

Fox Books - ISBN 978-0-9543627-2-0

As Best We Can

It’s Suffolk, 1916. The Bailey family’s two sons join the colours and are sent to different theatres of war. Their parents and their younger sister Elly stay on a farm near Bury St Edmunds.  Life changes for everyone. Hattie works with the Red Cross, while Eric escorts wounded soldiers off trains arriving at a local station. Letters bring news from France and from India’s North West frontier.  Elly, hampered by asthma, tries to discover what’s happening at Elveden, a large estate.
The conflict goes on and on, but eventually peace brings hope.

Fox Books - ISBN 978-0-9543627-2-0